Dissette Animal Hospital

100 Dissette St Unit #3
Bradford, ON L3Z3G8



Welcome to Dissette Animal Hospital

We are a full service veterinary clinic located in Bradford, Ontario.


Reception area

This is where our clinic cat, Tucker will probably greet you. 


Waiting Area

We have a large waiting area in order to reduce your pets anxiety by not having to sit too close to another animal. 

This is also where you will find a large selection of prescription pet foods, shampoos, treats etc.

We even have toys to entertain your kids while you're visiting us.  


Exam Room #1

Pictured here is one of two of our exam rooms.   We schedule half hour appointments to minimize the time you will be waiting.



Because we do a lot of our tests on site, we can provide you with rapid results in many situations. 


Sterile Surgery 

Here Dr. Derek performs many types of surgery ranging from spays/neuters to exploratories. 


X-Ray & Ultrasound


Treatment Area

Laura & Karen getting a dog prepped for a dentistry in the treatment area.